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If you are new to this forum, we strongly recommend you to read this post before exploring the rest of the forums.
Q: Why am I only seeing the announcement forum after registration? How do make all the forum show up?
A: For newly registered users, we have a limitation that at least one post has to be created before you can have full access to all the forums. So please go to Sandbox and send a test post.

Q: How to follow topics so that you will be notified of any changes?
A: Go to the topic that you are interested in, click the Topic Tool (hand wrench sign above or below the topic), click "Subscribe Topic".
If anyone changes the topic or reply to the topic you will get notified of the changes. This is very helpful for people interested in SDK updates. You can subscribe to the corresponding SDK topic and any time a new version of SDK is uploaded, you will get notification in email.
答案:进入您所感兴趣的主题,点击主题工具(位于主题上方或者下方的扳手标志),点击“Subscribe Topic(订阅主题)”。当有人修改或回复该主题时,您将收到相关变动的通知,例如:用户如果想要及时了解到SDK的更新情况,可以订阅相关的SDK主题,这样在新版本SDK上传到论坛时,您可以收到邮件通知。

Q: How to set my default language to Chinese?
On the top-right corner of the page, click on your user name -> click "User control panel" -> click "Board preferences" -> "Edit Global settings" -> change "My lanugage" to "简体中文". Log out your account and log in again, your interface will show up in Chinese.
答案:在页面右上角,依次点击“用户名” ->点击“用户控制面板” -> 点击“版面偏好设置” -> “编辑全局设置” -> 将“My lanugage”变更为“简体中文”。注销账户后重新登录,论坛将变为中文界面。

Q: What is the best way to ask a question?
A: If you have a technical question to ask, please go to the corresponding Discussion Board and post your question as a new topic. To help us better understand the question, we recommend you to include at least the following information in your post:
- Chip part number: which chip you are using? (e.g. TLSR8267)
- SDK version number: which SDK is your software based on? (e.g. 3.0.0.abcdef)
- Product info: what product is this for? (e.g. BLE module, ZigBee node, ...)
- Describe your problem clearly especially how to reproduce the issues you are seeing
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